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Though the society continues to modernize, our level of happiness and contentment has failed to catch up.

Our modern values are too geared towards material comforts and achievements. A well number amongst us will go against their dignity and conscience in order to achieve what the community defined as “success”. In the face of cutthroat competition and pressure to fulfill their own goals, individuals become selfish and ignorant of each other. These behavior runs against human nature thus makes people disgruntled. Gradually, our populace found itself living on a combustible cocktail of dissatisfaction, stress, fear or disorientation.

Sadly enough, for those awakened hence disagreeing with such set of values, are often thought as fools and weak in character. They are often labeled as “slackers” and ostracized. Those who tried in vain in their pursuit of fame and fortune are considered as losers and dumb!

Have a look around! Plenty of people don’t live for themselves but subjugated under the scrutiny of others. To win praise and envy, and to meet family expectations, they may become ignorant on their own principles and preferences. They may emulate identities of others, take up roles that they are not comfortable or good at, and try to cope with all kinds of troubles and challenges, and end up stressed and irritated in a manner only THEY can understand.

If people is not loyal to their ideality and fail to grasp life’s true purpose by blindly adhering to someone else’s definition of ”success”, they may still finally achieve fame and fortune, but at the expense of feeling unhappy and lost. The loss can be quality of sleep or lack of energy, or perhaps alienation with family members. Consequently, such loss will bring depression, irritability, anxiety, hallucinations, emotional disorders or even mental illness, etc.

One in every five person in Hong Kong suffers from emotional disorders at different levels; and such suffering is reflected through an increasing amount of chaotic events in our community. RonStars believes in the benign and loving nature of Man. To defuse social crises and relieve people of distress, we must start from the basics. To build a better future and achieve world peace requires mankind to progress and improve now – starting from hearts and minds, one at a time.

How wonderful if RonStars can cultivate more mentors to enhance such education and counseling endeavors that can enlighten and purify misguided hearts. This can lead to effective propagation on true meaning of life and enhance spiritual state for all. Once the populace is capable to establish proper beliefs of its own, it can begin helping themselves or others, before even joining in inspiring others, making oneself and others shine!

RonStars Institute of Self-Actualization was established for the above purposes. We are not constrained by any religion or dogma. We work in sincerity and good faith in the interest of the community, opening a Gateway to the Soul for anyone in need!