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(This course is currently delivered in Cantonese. Please refer to the Chinese website for details.)

Life Growth, Spiritual Enlightenment, Self-Actualization

Which kind of person are you? Do you know what your role is?

Many people contend that life itself is a stage, yet from observations accumulated over the years, not everyone can make their best of their time while on there.  Most of us are complacent and happy to accept what comes along.  These people are happy because they don't complain and blame, and are contented to accept the roles bestowed upon them.  Yet there are still plenty of us people filled with enthusiasm who wants to lead, but are scared away by the surrounding audience once out the door.  They end up huddling in a small corner of the stage, without the courage to step into the limelight, let alone performing a gratifying act.

What are Awakening Workshops?

In the paths of life, we will encounter many problems and challenges with moments of joy and sorrow. Whenever facing new challenges, we often question our ability to handle them, unconsciously hope to get expert guidance or miracle in order to ride out the storm. In fact, we do not necessarily need the advice of outsiders, because it is already in us. What we need then, is to learn how to unleash this mystic power within.

This course is about how to master life through fully integrating your mind, spirit and body. The core concept of the course is to develop self-awareness and learn to mentor yourself. In addition, this is also the preparatory course for students who are interested to pursue a career in counseling.

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