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(This course is currently delivered in Cantonese. If you are interested to have this course conducted in English, please contact us for more details.)

Everyone is born for a cause! Regardless of age and gender, identity and status; wealth, education or experience, many people are not living to satisfaction. In today’s modernized society, we are rich as ever, but why are people moody or often feel confused and lost? Are you also one of them? Would you feel that life and work is no longer enjoyable or challenging? Enthusiasm, efficiency and joy are sagging? You are having all these feelings are because you are not utilizing your inborn talents and conveying your real values. To resolve these issues, you must know yourself again from scratch, discover your unique gifts, and secure job opportunities and directions that can harness your talents, so you can live the life that you have always wanted. Consequently, self-confidence, work and quality of life can all be naturally improved.

Numerology can help you identify your talents and life direction. This set of highly accurate guidelines, clearly let you understand your real self and others’ personalities, strengths and weaknesses; and can describe in details how each number can affect the thoughts and motivations of mankind, so you can understand the changes on both positive and negative traits, understand the conflicts between psychology and personality are in fact traceable. Originated from the ancient Hebrews high priests over 4000 years ago, later flourished under Ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras (founder of Pythagorean Theorem), who integrated philosophy, psychology, psychiatry and statistics, systematize human behavior and psychology, developed into a simple life direction guide - Numerology.

If you need to find the “real” you, find out your children’s talents, strengthen relationships, etc, this course will show you the answers one by one. Moreover, you can also use this as your handbook for planning your goals in life.

Course Content:

  • Understanding Numerology and its origin
  • Understand the most influential numbers
  • Exploring strengths and weaknesses of yourself and others
  • Finding the source for psychological and personality conflicts
  • Understand the changes on positive and negative traits
  • Construct your own blueprint
  • Confirm the talents and work direction of yourself and others
  • Take control on your life lessons and life mission

Preparation before the course: In order to become easier to understand and to increase students’ involvements, please collect as many birthdates of your friends and relatives as possible for use throughout the course.

Course Registration: Online registration