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In 2013, RonStars aims to expand its seminar offerings to different organizations within the community.  We strive to deliver positive life messages to the staffs or members of your organization, maintaining their peace of mind thus boosting workplace morale.  Listed below are some seminar topics which you may find suitable to your organization.


  1. Successful Thinking
  2. PSQ6R, Efficient Reading Skills
  3. Increasing Personal Charisma
  4. How to Improve Your Memory
  5. Communicating Effectively
  6. Self-Hypnosis – Increase Productivity
  7. Self-Hypnosis – Stress Release
  8. Understanding Your Strengths
  9. Factors for Success
  10. Knowing Yourself, Knowing Others
  11. Understanding the Strengths of Your Child
  12. The Door to Happiness
  13. Numerology
  14. Life Choices
  15. Unveil the Secrets of Lives after Lives
  16. Law of Attraction
  17. Unveil the Secrets of Hypnosis
  18. Master Your Life and Live to the Fullest


Should you find the above topics interesting and suitable for your organization, you can contact us directly either by phone or email.  We would also be happy to meet with you in person and discuss how RonStars' offerings can assist in your human resource development by tailor-making other seminar topics of your choice.  

Course Registration: Online registration