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Why we need counseling?

The values towards material comforts in today’s society, has led to misconceptions and ignorance in the true meaning of life in most people.  Without thinking seriously about the real values of life, fame, fortune, material gains, were thought to be the only ultimate goals in life.  People are often overwhelmed when life turned the wrong direction, or when met with career instability, changes in relationships, illness or death of loved ones.  When these incidents happen, they are like standing at the crossroad, uncertain of which way to go.  Should it be dealt with anger, resistance, fear, acceptance or compromise?

If at this time, one does not confront the psychological disturbances and treat the negative emotions correctly, the subject will easily bury these wounds deep within the soul (subconscious). The person may appear as balanced, but the pain deep within will trigger effects and impact them in ways cannot imagine.

For an average Chinese, one end of the scale is arrogance while the other end is subtlety; unlike foreigners who are more outspoken, and understands the need to search for psychological or spiritual counseling and therapy. This ignorance, coupled with a long period of stressful lifestyle and work, often is the source of what we see or hear everyday labeled as psychological or emotional issues; also reflecting the dark side of humanity that is dishearten and helpless.

Our range or personal counseling includes:

Academic • Career • Interpersonal Relationships • Marriage • Family • Children’s Education • Life Mission • Psychological and Emotional Problems