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What is Hypnotherapy?

In 1958, hypnotherapy was recognized by the American Medical Association and the British Medical Association as an effective therapeutic treatment.  Hypnotherapy is quite popular in Britain, America, Australia and other places; where many people receive regular sessions to release stress and for other remedies.

Hypnotherapy can be customized depending on the specific situation. The first session is adaptive therapy, where the hypnotherapist will introduce and answer queries from the client, and conduct an initial assessment on the issues the client wants to address. The next session will usually be arranged a week later, to follow up on the progress of the treatment.

What is it like to be hypnotized?

There are different hypnotic states. Generally, hypnotherapy is between shallow and moderate states of unconsciousness (Alpha & Theta State), and is equivalent to the state of having dreams in our sleep. The imagery and emotions in this state is very active; heart rate and metabolism does not slow down. While during the deep state of unconsciousness (Delta State) in sleep, the drop in heart rate and metabolism is noticeable.

Hypnosis is a state of concentration within, the sensory and consciousness of the hypnotized will be more acute and is fully under control. You are NOT asleep when you are hypnotized. Your consciousness is aware of what you are doing, you can judge, criticize, analyze the experience, and control the content of your conversation just like you are awake. It is NEVER a RUSE intended to make you divulge secrets and truths.

During hypnosis, some see images like audience watching movies. Others will be heavily involved, bringing a strong emotional reaction. There are others who can only “feel”, rather then “hearing or seeing”. There are also times where they just purely hear or smell, and only recall the experience afterwards.

What can Hypnotherapy help to improve?

It is unimaginable how much memories we store throughout our lifetime. We save unconsciously all that we have experienced, seen, heard and felt. Not remembering, is only because it is forgotten, but not because they were deleted from our brain.

Hypnosis can help you rediscover what had been forgotten. Just as if when you are too nervous or too excited, you will not be calm enough to observe and analyze. Hypnosis can help you enter into your subconscious, search for what happened at that time, look at the cause of the problem, and allow your soul to release of the associated emotions.

Through hypnotherapy, you can enter deep inside your soul and into your problems, let you understand the reasons behind the formation of these troubles, and understand these events from a enlightened point of view, to reawaken and channel your infinite potentials, remove all obstacles, so that you soar above your immediate problems.

Hypnosis can help improve on a broad scope of areas such as:

Relaxation . Stress Release . Eliminate Fear . Quality of Sleep . Enhance Self-Confidence . Eliminate Bad Habits . Lost . Confusion . Emotional Disturbance . Performance . Self Understanding