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(This course is currently delivered in Cantonese. Please refer to the Chinese website for course details.)

Youth Awakening Training Program – Dedicated for teenagers between 10 to 15.

Aim to enhance wisdom, experience growth through awakening Skills acquired through this course:

  • Self-Reflection and Consciousness
  • Accountability to Self and Others
  • Group Sharing
  • Self-Esteem and Self-Image Boost
  • Communication and Expression
  • Leadership
  • Pro-Active Learning
  • Creative Memories
  • Positive Thinking

The Inevitable Truth for Parents

Today’s education system still centers on test scores based on knowledge from textbooks. There are not enough inspirations as to how to approach spiritual growth; nor is there any proper education available on life directions. Majority of teenagers became mired in lost and confusion; let alone showing aspirations and potential.

Without the concept and guidance of a correct belief system, it would be easy for them to develop a false understanding under the proliferation of misinformation. Some become easily addicted to new electronics; others to fame and fortune, triggering them to further expand their beliefs in distorted values already surrounding them. All of these easily lead to unacceptable norms and behaviors.

All these happen because they cannot learn life’s tactics and beliefs within the classroom. Parents too, often fail to deliver them a correct belief system and are often incapable to rectify these inaccurate and diverged thoughts of behaviors and habits back in their children’s early childhood. Worst still, some parents even don't know how to effectively express and demonstrate intelligence! When problems arise, are they really equipped to make the right decision and resolve their offspring’s crisis?

We all encounter lots of difficulties and temptations throughout our lives. If youngsters are not trained or prepared, how can these children who have been nurtured from their parents, deal with these obstacles, difficulties and challenges? Will they be able to balance their mind?

Overprotection, over-regulation, Helicopter Parenting, or rigid discipline during adolescence will repress the child’s curiosity and exploration, subsequently affecting their learning interest and creative thinking. If right belief system and values are not established at the right time, they will feel defeated and lost when encountering problems. Anxiety will lead to significant changes in temperament – bad temper, negativity, withdrawal from social interaction, or loss of self-confidence.

Parenting not only needs to pay attention to daily life and academic results, they also need to understand their children's personality, consider their state of mind as well as their feelings. They should also be sensitive to their children’s behavior, preference, habits, etc. Most importantly, parents should give proper guidance, training and preparations to their beloved according to their maturity levels.

Our youth programs provide the knowledge teenagers today must acquire during their upbringing, and can develop their inborn talents, establish correct beliefs, values and attitude; nurture their independence, cooperation, responsibility, resilience, love and creative thinking; enable them to tackle the challenges and temptations in life, leading them to take charge in a better world they help create.

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