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Why the need for personality assessment?

Experience tells us that many people lack a clear understanding of themselves. They do not know what they are proficient or deficient at. They do not know their true needs and desires, and do not know which direction to proceed. Sometimes they even feel hesitant, frustrated, difficulty in decision making, loneliness and emptiness. They may even be mistaken by friends and family as being wary and greedy. Worse still, is that they might be labeled as someone with emotional or psychological disorders. Even if they are versatile, but without the right environment and support, their talents can never be expressed or might even be obscured completely, leading to regrets later in life.

The solution to the above problems is simple and obvious. The key, of course, is to understand themselves; understand their real talents and ideal path.

People succeed because they know how to choose wisely. They know how to choose their own position, know when to express their talents to the fullest at the right time. Unsuccessful people fail mainly because they had always wasted time on something they are not gifted on, thus missing opportunities, and making their own life miserable.

The core concept of our personality assessment is based on the numbers integrated from the Ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras (founder of Pythagorean Theorem). In it we identify confusion, lost and sources of conflicts for the individual, so that they can understand the strengths and weaknesses of their personalities, bestow new understanding of their life purpose and mission, set new goals, and prepare for new breakthroughs to thrive for a happy life.

Our scope of assessments includes:

Characteristics • Personalities • Strengths • Interests • Conflicts • Weaknesses • Career Directions • Source of Happiness • Ideal Goal • Energy and Lesson for Current Year • Future Energy and Opportunities • Life Challenge • Lucky Numbers