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Life is a mixed bag of joy and sorrow. The Human Race is meant to learn and grow.

Some people, who are always on a smooth ride in their life path, over time become vigorous and defiant, thinking that they have full control of destiny.

Others with more eventful existence; become depressed, angry and resentful and may take on a negative attitude towards life.

If you can understand life, you will be able to grow out of any events, work hard to help yourself and others.

The start up for RonStars Institute of Self-Actualization, derived from the energy originated from grief.  Through inspiration obtained from a young boy, to help uplift others; in hopes that these positive energy can spread, that more people can understand on the true meaning of life.

If you are interested to know more about the deeds of this boy, you can continue on reading the following story.


The Founder of the name “RonStars”

In 1982, a middle-class family gave birth to a little boy in Hong Kong. Although still a newborn, this baby boy already knows how to use his pair of bright eyes to observe people and things surrounding him. His curiosity and focus on new things was often beyond that of the usual baby. This energetic child loves to touch, to explore new things he was interested in, often making his nanny frighten on his every move. There were numerous breathtaking incidents and bruises to this child in his toddler stage.

At the blink of an eye, this little boy was already two years old.  He was eager to have his parents teach him the kindergarten textbooks the first day he received it.  After his parents read to him once, not only could he recognize the words, but picked up a pencil and a piece of paper, then began comfortably write the words through half memorizing and half copying.  The childlike fonts did not lose its neatness, showing his seriousness and focus.  It turns out this little boy was very studious and had a photographic memory.

At first day of nursery class, this little boy, just like other toddlers, cried and refused to enter the classroom, and wanted the company of the nanny. After his mother explained to the little boy that evening, the next day, he obediently entered the classroom by himself and bowed and greeted the teacher. This is just like when he was quitting his milk bottle, as soon as he saw the milk in there was just the same when poured into a cup, he was convinced to drink directly out of the cup instead. Thus, this sensible, gentle and polite little boy was well loved by all teachers in the kindergarten.

When the little boy was six, he immigrated to Canada along with his parents, sister, grandmother, and his aunt’s family, to reunite with his uncle. As the families lived close together and his cousins were about the same age, the trio had grown a deep friendship since childhood. This little boy not only acted like a big brother, caring for his two younger cousins; being smart, active, and with stellar grades, he was regarded as a role model by them.

Just like that, the little boy and his family lived happily in Canada for four years.  He and his sister had adapted to life locally and they managed to speak fluent English just like local kids.  It was at that time, where he was already ten, his mother, perhaps being awakened from life, decided to return to Hong Kong carrying out her life mission.  From then on, the little boy lived with his father and sister.  Every year,  his mother flew back to Canada several times to visit them and brought them lots of presents and gifts, which the little boy shared generously with his two cousins every time.  Not only that, he also let them choose first, even if they picked something he loved, he would still be very generous in giving.  Seeing the little boy being so considerate and sensible, the parents were very proud, pleased, and loved him even more.

Two years later, the father of this boy also returned to Hong Kong.  To take care of the siblings, grandmother moved in and became their guardian.  At that time, his sister received her driver’s license, and became the family chauffeur.  Since then, the family gathered during Christmas and summer holiday every year.   It was the siblings’ turn then to fly over to Hong Kong, not only to enjoy the food and the festive atmosphere, but also to enjoy the time with their parents.

A few years passed by, and this boy turned into a teenager.  Seeing the siblings in University, grandmother moved back to her house, giving them opportunities to learn independence and to taste the joy of freedom.  They began to learn to take care of themselves. They became self-disciplined, enriched and freehanded in life. Not only did they begin to expand their social circles, they were at the same time accumulating a wealth of life experiences.  It was from this time onwards that they each established their own foundations of beliefs and views of life.

Although they did not spend much time with the parents like other adolescents whenever they were together, their parents would seize any opportunity to educate them on the beliefs in life. So they grew up positively and were raised in an affirmative manner.  They were so sensible and respectful that their parents did not have to worry about them even from halfway round the world.

Having worked for a short while in Canada after graduation, his sister decided to return to Hong Kong to enrich her life experience when   the teenager became a University graduate and chose to continue his journey in Canada.  He was graduated with honor in Biochemistry, and had also finished a Pharmaceutical degree thereafter.  With many interests developed since childhood, he was a karate black belt, an excellent piano player, a good guitar player, loved music, dancing, skating, etc.  He was a quick thinker with high IQ.  He loved all intellectual activities and thus acquired diverse knowledge on a mass scale.  He could best be described as a versatile and erudite man.  He was also talented in Chinese Chess too.  When he first learned how to play this game at about 11 or 12, he could even conquer his father’s winning strikes just after a few defeats.  Shortly after he was given a semi-professional camera as present from his father, and he was able to shoot professionally.

This five feet eleven, strongly built young pharmacist excelled academically and comprehensively, winning lots of admirations from classmates and friends.  Everyone who knew him would praise him, agreed that he was smart, understanding and thus he was very well-liked.  He was selfless and considerate, not only did he know how to care for others; he was very generous on sharing out his wisdom and joy too.  Although he was not as handsome as Hollywood stars, his delicate facial features, coupled with his bright personality and soft-spoken yet convincing communicating styles, there were a large number of girls with crushes over him.  His parents in Hong Kong never had too much opportunity to understand about all these only until……

Having just completed the morning private farewell ritual, they had to rush to attend another one in the afternoon. When they arrived, there were already a dozen young people waiting for them.  They were then led into the auditorium which was located inside a newly built university.   Not sure it was jetlag or profound grief , though the auditorium was filled with guests, the parents were in a world of their own with their bleary eyes locked on the photo placed at the center of the auditorium.  Staring at the photo; his smile was so warm, eyes so sparkling and full of confidence.  They had never seen this photo before. It was taken during a trip with his classmates.  In front of it was a large bouquet of Lilies.  Two large screens were hanging on both sides of the hall, continuously playing videos and photos of this young man, at the same time showing some of the artistic pictures on different perspective of nature that he had captured not too long ago.

With only less than two and a half days’ preparation, it was incredible that there were more than 300 attendees; including the boy’s relatives, friends, classmates, colleagues, professors, teachers, and elders. Some of them flew in, while some of them drove hours to say their final farewell.

The hosts that day were also his best friends.  Soon after the pastor finished his speech, some of his classmates and friends took turns recounting his interesting moments while some of them chose to celebrate his life by playing music and singing.  Listening to his friends evoking their experiences, everyone was so proud of him and felt sorry of a life that was cut short.  Everyone regardless of age and sex adored him.

The boy’s parents and sister were moved by everyone’s condolence, and the love and respect paid by his large circle of friends. They knew that it was his friends who had initiated this event and it would not be so professionally and decently organized without their cordial help in such a sudden and hurried notice.

Even more amazed was when the parents heard about this young man’s time management prowess. Not only could he take care of others’ issues (such as academic, work, love problems), he could still spare time to dispense appropriate advice and guidance to his friends in need, without leaving his own affairs in a mess.

Yes, he was a smart young man, but he never let his ego got better of him.  In contrast, he loved to share, teach and help others.  He never hesitated on lending out any of his beloved items to his friends.

His talents, selflessness, caring, and smile, will live forever in our hearts ……

Since small, this boy’s life had endlessly emanated love and care, and shared what he knew and owned.  As an Indigo Child, this young man's mission is to inspire people, to tell everyone that our purpose is to love and share with each other.

His name is Ronnie(Personal Website), RonStars started out as his facebook username. Strangely enough, he had the intuition to recognize his “True” identity long ago by merging his name with the word “Stars”, since “Indigo Children”, like Ronnie, are also known as “Star Children”.

His family believes his departure was merely a start for a new beginning.  Thus, they have set up RonStars Institute of Self-Actualization, in which every participant who aim to help the society is also a Star by him / herself.  Ronnie’s spirits has resonated with the gathering of a united group of people of the same vision.  Become a Star of RonStars Institute of Self-Actualization, helps inspire everyone’s mind!